Echoes & Identity: What is contemporary ‘Islamic’ art?

Curated for Trinity Grammar, Kew (in Melbourne, Australia) with the support of John Waller (Head of Art), this exhibition was designed for Australian secondary school students (Years 7-10) studying art, design, society and religion.

My intention was to challenge their expectations of ‘Islamic’ art by presenting an entirely digital and primarily secular exhibition, featuring screen-based and projected artworks from around the world.

Echoes & Identity included hypothetical architecture, time-based and experimental calligraphy, sound installations, choreographed dance, swimwear design, and interviews with artists. The final artwork was an HSP (Halal Snack Pack), the edible epitome of Australian contemporary ‘Islamic art’.

Echoes and Identity 9-27 March 2017

Exhibition Catalogue: Echoes and Identity Catalogue LOW RES

Harouf 3

Artists Featured in Echoes & Identity

Azza Al Ghardaqa – Haroof (2014) (detail above)

Mohammad Javad Khajavi – The Third Script (2016)

Brooke Silcox, Mat de Koning and Abdul Abdullah – ‘The Bad Guy’ (ABC Interview) (2014)

Cristobal Villa – Isfahan (2009)

We Are Pi – The Power of X (2012)

Edris Alsami – (An Australian) Adhan (2014)

Trinity Grammar School – Halal Snack Pack (2017) (The artwork was a real HSP on a plinth. That  link will take you to an overview of the HSP as a cultural statement by Ed Smith for Overland, September 2016)