Opening Speech from HR Gallop Gallery

Agzarian Photo 1 from Wagga Khayamiya Exhibition

Opening Speech at Khedival to Contemporary in Wagga Wagga 2013 (Powerpoint with Audio)

This powerpoint file contains a 10-minute recording of Jenny Bowker’s speech at the Opening to “Khayamiya: Khedival to Contemporary” in Wagga Wagga, as well as a few of my own acknowledgements to the talented  individuals who have generously supported the exhibition and my research.  Jenny speaks about how she became involved with the Tentmakers of Cairo, the way she brought their contemporary work to international attention, and what the unveiling of historic Khayamiya means for her.

“It needs to be seen by an audience who understands the work, who knows what it means, and knows what it implies.”


Many thanks to Michael Agzarian for your photograph of the Opening, which captures the spirit of the evening.

One thought on “Opening Speech from HR Gallop Gallery

  1. These textile works of art have to be seen to be believed! Absolutely awesome, all hand appliqued work….. I came away from the Canberra exhibition absolutely breathless. Make a date with fellow textile enthusiastic and enjoy!!


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