Khayamiya in Albury, Australia

Dr Sam Bowker with the Syme Panels in the Khayamiya exhibition of the Albury LibraryMuseum February 2015 photograph by Kylie Esler
Photo by Kylie Esler for the Border Mail – Dr Sam Bowker with the ‘Syme Panels’ in the “Khayamiya” exhibition of the Albury LibraryMuseum. (20 February 2015)

The exhibition “Khayamiya: The Egyptian Tentmakers” opened on Saturday 21 February to an audience of over a hundred guests at the Albury LibraryMuseum. It will run until 12 April 2015, and it is entirely free to enter.

Thank you everyone who attended the opening and my introductory talk. Special thanks to Jules Boag, Tim Rowston, and Paul Temple of the Albury LibraryMuseum for your hard and skilled work to install this dramatic display of rare Egyptian textiles.

The following link will direct you to a concise interview with Allison Jess of ABC Radio:

The very impressive photograph above was taken by  Kylie Esler for the Border Mail:

Thank you Allison, Kylie and Blair for your help to promote this endangered art form with the high-quality recognition it deserves.

ADDITION – 5 March 2015

Here is a link to Bruce Derrick’s 360+ degree panorama from the Khayamiya exhibition in the Albury LibraryMuseum. You can rotate through the exhibition using this link:

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