Khayamiya Lecture and Exhibition in the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM), Kuala Lumpur

To open the exhibition Khayamiya: Khedival to Contemporary in Malaysia, I will be presenting a lecture at the Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia at 10:30am on Saturday 3 October. Click on the image below for a larger version.

Synopsis: “Khayamiya is a spectacular Egyptian art form that deserves greater recognition. These great walls of colour are hand-sewn using methods that have remained unchanged for centuries, yet the considerable changes in their design have rarely been assessed. In this lecture, Sam Bowker will discuss the history of khayamiya through the Tentmaker’s ongoing adaptations to new conditions. From his first encounter with Henri Matisse’s ‘Interior with Egyptian Curtain’ (1948) to the Revolution of 2011, this illustrated lecture will share his journey to discover the origin of the Tentmakers of Cairo. This lecture will explain where khayamiya can be situated within Islamic art, and the challenges it faces to survive in the future.”

Khayamiya-IAMM Lecture

Here is the IAMM’s link:

For reservations, please contact the Education Department of the IAMM:

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